• Special Education

    Bellevue Public Schools believes children are best served in general education classrooms where they can make peer relationships and gain exposure to core curriculum. The Special Education Department works to prepare each child from birth through age 21 to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways, by providing specialized instruction, allowing for individual differences and learning styles, and developing independence.


    Special Education Department Belief Statements

    • Students are best served in the general education classroom. 
    • We do not have “your kids” and “my kids," only “our kids.”
    • Differentiation is considered the rule, not the exception.
    • Ability Awareness vs. Disability Awareness: We must look at what a student can do, long before we discuss what the student can’t do.
    • Parents are not just welcome partners in the schools, their participation and collaboration is actively sought.
    For more information regarding special education services please contact:
    Dr. Matthew Fenster
    Director of Special Education
    Email: matthew.fenster@bpsne.net
    Phone: 402-293-4024