• Bus Routing

    E-Link gives families the ability to obtain their student’s bus stop information online. E-Link can only be accessed via Chrome or Firefox. 

    After accessing the program, users will enter their student’s ID number for the username and student’s birth date for the password. To ensure information security, users will then be required to change their password. Once in the program, users will find busing information for their student. Users with multiple students receiving busing will be required to set up an account for each student.

    E-link will contain the student’s name, pick-up location, pick-up time, bus number, and destination for both the morning and afternoon routes. It is important that users check the website frequently through the first month of school due to numerous late additions to bus routes. Throughout the school year, students will receive a note, as necessary, to have the parent/guardian check the website for any impending changes to the student’s busing information.

    If parents/guardians do not have access to E-Link, they should contact their student’s school for busing information.

    Busing information for students who receive specialized transportation will not be found on E-Links. Instead, parents/guardians will receive a letter with bus information approximately two to three days prior to the first day of school.

    Directed E-Link questions to Eileen Jensen at 402-293-5052 or Matt Moore at 402-293-5041.