• Bond Oversight Committee

    With the successful passage of the 2016 Facilities Bond Program, the Bellevue Public Schools Board of Education searched for qualified applicants willing to serve as volunteer members of a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC). The CBOC will consist of 6-8 members, selected by the Board of Education and the Superintendent, who possess one or more of the following characteristics:

    • Familiarity with facility design
    • Familiarity with construction practices
    • Business management/financial management expertise scalable to an organization of the size of BPS
    • Expertise or experience in education
    • Children currently attending BPS
    • Any other area of expertise that the Board or Superintendent may identify

    The CBOC will meet monthly for the duration of the bond implementation. The primary function of the committee will be to advise the Board and the Superintendent to ensure that the bond implementation is:

    • Completed consistent with the promises made to the community
    • Managed within the appropriate scope, budget, and schedule
    • Consistent with the needs of the district and in support of the district’s Facilities Master Plan
    • Being properly communicated to the community

    The CBOC will immediately report to the Board and Superintendent if it believes that decisions made regarding the bond construction program are not being made in accordance with the above objectives.

    The CBOC may be asked to provide periodic written reports to the Board.

    Current employees of Bellevue Public Schools or Board of Education Members will not be permitted to serve on the CBOC. Also, persons who are a current employee, officer, director or has ownership interest of any entity that may contract with BPS or with one of its subcontractors has an immediate family member in such a position for performance of any services in connection with the bond issue will not be permitted to serve on the CBOC. Such entities would include, but not be limited to, architectural and engineering firms, construction contractors, and trade contractors. CBOC members will be asked to sign Conflict of Interest and Ethics forms indicating that they will act in the best interests of BPS, its students, parents, and community and attesting that neither the CBOC member nor his/her immediate family has a financial interest in any bond related expenditure being made by BPS.

    The Board of Education has selected the following applicants to serve on the CBOC:

    Bill Baldwin                                           

    Thomas Birk

    John Carozza                                        

    Michael Hall

    Sharon Hammarlund                             

    Jim Hawkins

    Michael Parker