• Alternative Education (A.C.E.)

    The Academic Center of Excellence (A.C.E.) better meets the needs of BPS students who have been unsuccessful in their regular education program. Students 9-12 who are accepted into the A.C.E. program will attend school at the Support Center at 2820 Arboretum Dr. This is not a punishment program; instead it helps students become successful graduates and prepares them for their next steps after high school.

    Enrollment Process

    Students will be referred to an Academic Center of Excellence screening committee. The committee may include a social worker, counselor, and/or administrator from their current school as well as the A.C.E principal, counselor, and/or the available staff at A.C.E. Students that meet the established criteria are recommended to A.C.E. in one of the following categories: credit deficient and at risk of dropping out; a risk of dropping out due to current learning environment, attendance, social/emotional, or behavioral issues; challenging life issues; substance abuse; traumatic events; or teen pregnancy. An alternative learner is a student transitioning from another alternative education program outside the district.


    Ms. Jenny Lynch
    Principal of A.C.E. Program
    Email: jennifer.lynch@bpsne.net
    Phone: 402-827-6167