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You Are Not Alone (Suicide Prevention)

One of Bellevue Public Schools’ exceptional partners, The Kim Foundation, continues to bring awareness to suicide prevention – in addition to digital safety and keeping our homes safe.

More community members were lost by suicide last year than the year prior, and we're on track to have the highest number of suicide deaths in Omaha-area youth than we have ever seen since data has been collected (according to data collected by The Kim Foundation, as reported by local Law Enforcement). Couple this with the workforce shortage in the healthcare field and increased numbers of emergency room visits due to depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation and attempts, and we are facing a full-blown crisis in our community.

The Kim Foundation and numerous community partners have provided useful information and resources that we hope will assist in guiding awareness, conversations and supports for school districts and families.

More Tomorrows: suicide prevention information including warning signs, risk factors, and what to do if you recognize these signs in yourself or a loved one. More Tomorrows works to empower people with information and hope, ensuring each of our community members will see “more tomorrows.” (Resources linked here)

Safe Home for the Holidays: useful information on how to keep our homes safe around the holidays, and always, by removing or locking up items that could cause harm to those we love. (Resources linked here)

Digital Safety: resources and information on how to keep students/families safe using technology, while learning the harms that social media and technology can bring if the proper steps aren’t taken. Resources below...


This crisis can be stopped. Suicide is preventable. Lives can be saved. But it will take each and every one of us working together, acknowledging the role we can play in suicide prevention, and taking care of each other.