• Graduation Requirements

    Special Requirements

    Attendance: Eight semesters of enrollment, beginning with the ninth grade, are required in order to be considered for graduation. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of four academic classes each semester. 

    Credit Requirements

    Class of 2023-2024: Students must earn a minimum of 46 credits for graduation.
    Class of 2025-2026: Students must earn a minimum of 50 credits for graduation.

    Course Requirements

    English: 8 credits
    Mathematics: 6 credits
    Science: 6 credits
    Social Studies: 6 credits (must include American History, World Studies, Economics, and American Government courses)
    Health: 1 credit
    Personal Finance: 1 credit (Beginning with the Class of 2024)
    Physical Education: 2 credits (a maximum of six P.E. credits will count for graduation)
    Electives: 17 credits--Class of 2023; 16 credits--Class of 2024; 20 credits--Class of 2025-2026