• Scholarships

    Bellevue Comprehensive Scholarship Program was due December 20, 2022. Decisions will be made by the end of March and winners notified in April. See Mrs. Britten if you have any questions. 

    Scholarship List (view tabs at bottom of Google Doc for each month) 

    Main Sources of Assistance

    • Colleges/universities (general and departmental)
    • Scholarships
    • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid—determines eligibility for grants and student loans)
    • Parents, grandparents, and students (savings, investments, loans, etc.)

    Please note: If a scholarship asks for your credit card or requires you to pay to apply, do not apply! Please check with Mrs. Britten or the Better Business Bureau first. 

    Scholarships are Available to Students Based On

    • Academics (class rank and cumulative GPA)                
    • Test scores (ACT and/or SAT)
    • Leadership
    • Community service/volunteer hours
    • Participation in clubs, organizations, and athletics
    • Ethnic backgrounds
    • Health/disability issues
    • Financial need (based on College Funding Estimator and FAFSA)
    • Military status (active duty, retired, reserves, guard, ROTC—parents and grandparents)

    College Planning Resources

    National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators


    College Board



    Scholarships and Financial Aid Resources

    Sallie Mae










    Free Assistance

    EducationQuest located in Rockbrook Village (108th & Center), 402-391-4033  educationquest.org

    • Scholarship and college searches
    • Financial aid questions and FAFSA assistance (Financial Aid Night held in fall of senior year; details emailed in August) 
    • College Funding Estimator (determines EFC or Expected Family Contribution which determines level of need)

    Please note: you should NOT have to pay for any assistance in locating scholarships. If any company solicits you for money regarding locating available scholarships, please do not participate.


    Kathie Britten 

    Email: kathie.britten@bpsne.net

    Phone: 402-827-5990