• Cultural Groups

    Art Club

    The purpose of the art club is to develop personal skills and techniques as artists and to promote the visual arts program at Bellevue West High School. The art club meets twice a month after school in the art room. Art club is for anyone interested in art; students do not have to be enrolled in an art class and the activities are not a repeat of projects done in class.

    The activities are student driven providing students the opportunity to share their expertise in a variety of art media such as ceramics, painting, various drawing activities, as well as fiber projects like papermaking, weaving, and tie-dye. The elected officers survey the group to compile a list of activities the club wants to do each year to plan the meetings.

    The art club does a variety of service projects within the building to promote school spirit and the visual arts program at Bellevue West. A few examples include creating masks used in a pep rally for the East-West game, painting wooden spinners used to rally the crowds at basketball games, and helping with homecoming signs throughout the building. The art club sponsors an art display in the media center each March for youth art month and helps to display the A.C. Lofton show for area high schools each spring. A variety of art show opportunities are available to members throughout the year.

    Community service projects include working with the JROTC students to create and deliver Valentines for Veterans and doing face painting at elementary school carnivals.

    Sponsor: Trevor Brockhaus (trevor.brockhaus@bpsne.net)


    Diversity Club

    The Diversity Club provides a more tolerant environment, establishes justice, insures an atmosphere free of prejudice and discrimination and promotes a more diverse educational experience. 

    Throughout the year we will be organizing activities for UNITY Week, Mix-It-Up at lunch, DEEW (Diversity Equality and Education Week), arranging speakers, attending workshops, and promoting inclusion throughout the year.  

    Here are the objectives of the Diversity Club:

    • To promote a cultural awareness and recruit a diverse membership.
    • To help secure a more unified student body and community through multicultural education.
    • To work for the elimination of prejudice and discrimination in an effort to confront racism.
    • To help educate the student body and community to help reduce the stereotyping that exists.
    • To help educate the student body in understanding the importance of cultural diversity.
    • To provide an understanding of tolerance in the schooland community as a whole.
    • To provide cultural enriched opportunities for the members, school, and community.

    Diversity Club members will meet twice a month, but additional meetings will organized when planning special projects. 

    Sponsor: Jim Torrez (james.torrez@bpsne.net)


    French Club

    French club explores the French culture. The French club is for students interested in taking part in French-related activities and events.

    Sponsor: Amanda Messerschmitt (Amanda.Messerschmitt@bpsne.net


    German Club

    The Bellevue West German Club seeks to better acquaint its members with the German people and their countries, language, and culture. The Bellevue West German Club aims to use the German language as much as possible and to promote German-related activities. Students who demonstrate their interest in these goals may participate in the club.

    The Bellevue West German Club meets at least once a month (typically weekly on Thursdays from 4:00-4:45 p.m. in Room 223).  

    The Club Motto is: "Verstehen und verstanden werden, Machen unser Glück auf Erden" (To understand and to be understood assure happiness on earth). 

    Sponsor: Amanda Messerschmitt (Amanda.Messerschmitt@bpsne.net


    Latino Leaders Club

    Latino Leaders provides any enrolled students the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities. Through the club activities, students have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and provide cultural awareness events on campus especially during Hispanic Heritage Month and in the community.

    Latino Leaders will team build, have guest speakers, attend leadership conferences, and volunteer in the community.

    Sponsor: Jennifer Sedlacek (jennifer.sedlacek@bpsne.net)