• Performing Arts Groups

    Art Club

    Art Club offers opportunities for students who are interested in expanding their experience with the visual arts.

    Sponsor: Julie Daigle (julie.daigle@bpsne.net)

    Creative Writing Club

    Creative Writing Club provides monthly opportunities for students of all writing skills and abilities to write, collaborate with peers, and share ideas.  We strive to create a very positive environment, so that all students feel comfortable taking risks and experimenting with different types of writing.  Above all, the goal of the club is to provide an avenue for students to continue to foster their passion for writing.

    Sponsor: Tori Parde (victoria.parde@bpsne.net)

    Drama Club

    Drama Club introduces students to the experience and enjoyment of theatrical arts. Activities are offered approximately once or twice per month.  Activities include duet presentations and party celebrations, "Afternoons of Improv," and club attendance to Bellevue East and Bellevue West high schools' plays and musicals, as well as some out-of-district presentations. Students are encouraged to attend any and all activities that work into their schedules; attendance at every activity is not required.

    Sponsor: Amy Eggers (amy.eggers@bpsne.net)

    Instrumental Music/Band

    Sponsors: Kelli Nelson (kelli.nelson@bpsne.net) and Bailey Fry (bailey.fry@bpsne.net)

    Vocal Music

    Students enrolled experience a wide range of musical terminology, vocal production, sight reading, and performance practices. Students perform in a minimum of two concerts per year as well as having the opportunity to audition for performance ensembles.

    Lewis and Clark sponsors two select ensembles: Xtreme Intensity Show Choir and LC-Select Choir. Both require time outside the normal school day. The show choir participates in competitions around the Omaha Metro area and has fared extremely well in the past! LC-Select is a concert choir geared toward advance students in both grades. The music selected for this choir is mostly from high school literature.

    Sponsor: Ryan Jansen (ryan.jansen@bpsne.net)