• Academic Groups

    Book Club

    Book Club foster a passion for reading and for great books! Meetings vary and include such activities as title/book shares, book reviews and previews, challenges and competitions, games, and (of course) fun! We meet once or twice per month on a regular morning, and students are free to come as often as it fits into their schedules.

    Sponsor: Ashlee Schreck (ashlee.schreck@bpsne.net)

    Math Club

    Math Club provides bi-weekly opportunities for students of all math skills and abilities to work through challenging math puzzles and problems with their peers. The club uses the National Math Counts curriculum, and members are given an opportunity to compete in a variety of math competitions around the metro each semester.

    Sponsor: Elizabeth Lambert (elizabeth.lambert@bpsne.net)

    Science Club

    The science club is "experienced based" which means students will have authentic learning opportunities in the realms of life science and earth science. 

    Sponsor: Jana Andersen (jana.andersen@bpsne.net)

    Strategic Games Club

    This club will meet once a month before school to interact with various games and trivia.

    Sponsor: Lynn Bogatz (lynn.bogatz@bpsne.net)


    The yearbook class is a co-curricular activity that meets every other day during Scout Time. Students that are interested in joining the staff are asked to go through an application process in the fourth quarter of their seventh grade year. They must fill out an extensive application and questionnaire and ask a current teacher to write them a recommendation. The staff is announced the last week of school. Over the summer, the counselors include yearbook as a part of their eighth grade schedule.

    During the school year, the staff is introduced to the basics of yearbook layout and design. They learn the publisher's online design program and build the book from a centralized theme. Third quarter (January to March) is the yearbook staff's busiest time as the publishing deadline is at the end of March. The staff then helps prepare the end-of-year all-school video by continuing to cover spring track and other relevant fourth quarter activities.

    Sponsors: Tori Parde (victoria.parde@bpsne.net)