• Cultural Groups

    Circle of Friends

    Circle of Friends is a social group whose primary focus is to provide opportunities for students with Autism to develop friendships and communication/social skills through immersion and inclusion with peers on a regular basis.  We work to promote feelings of belonging within the school community.

    Sponsor: Ashley Kouba (ashley.kouba@bpsne.net)

    Diversity Club

    Diversity Club meets to learn, discuss, and embrace diversity in all forms. We promote accepting people for who they are and encouraging an appreciation for those with qualities and traits that may not directly match our own. We spend time talking about the history of various groups and ethnicities unique to the Omaha area, the Civil Rights Movement, and spend time promoting a positive culture in and around the school. We venture out into the community with service trips to the Open Door Mission and look to expand these opportunities as new ideas and inspiration come along.

    Sponsor: Gina Stukenholtz (gina.stukenholtz@bpsne.net)

    Drug Free Club

    Have you ever wondered what you would do if someone asked you to try drugs or drink alcohol?  The Drug Free Club can help you make the right decision!

    In this program you will learn how to say no to drugs with unique activities. You will also learn what would happen to you if you decide to try drugs. This is a fun way to help in the future to say no when your friends or anybody else is trying to get you to be involved with drugs.

    Sponsor: Gary Mercer (gary.mercer@bpsne.net)


    Sponsor: Stacy Hagemann (stacy.hagemann@bpsne.net)

    Spirit Club

    Any student who is truly proud to be a Scout is encouraged to join Spirit Club. This club encourages students to become actively involved at Lewis and Clark in order to ensure that the entire student body has a fun and memorable middle school experience. Spirit Club is open to all students. Members will attend home athletic events in order to support their fellow students. Students who join are also encouraged to find new and creative ways to develop a spirited atmosphere. 

    The main goal of Spirit Club is to promote school spirit, deepen friendships, and encourage all students to excel in whatever they do. Club activities include:

    • Creating spirit posters for school organizations and sports teams
    • Attending athletic events and providing organized support for sports teams
    • Sitting in designated "spirit sections" at events

    New members are always welcome! Each year this group works hard to promote school spirit. Membership requirements include:

    • Scout spirit
    • Loud voice
    • Creative mind
    • Appropriate cheering and attendance at home events

    There are no set dates for meetings. Listen to the announcements for upcoming Spirit Club events!

    Sponsor: Amy Eggers (amy.eggers@bpsne.net)