• Service Groups


    Freshman Senate

    Sponsor: Elizabeth Rolling (elizabeth.rolling@bpsne.net)


    Junior Senate

    Sponsor: Karin Donner (karin.donnerl@bpsne.net)


    Key Club

    Key Club is the high school division of the Kiwanis Club. Key Club students strive to make our community a better place through volunteer work. Activities that Key Club regularly participates in are serving meals at the Open Door Mission, volunteering with Special Olympics, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, highway clean up, and singing and making cards for the Veterans home and the Hillcrest retirement community. Many other volunteer opportunities are available throughout the school year and summer.

    Sponsor: Susan Jones (susan.jones@bpsne.net)


    Senior Senate

    The main focus of the Senior Class is to facilitate the transition from high school to future endeavors. The main events sponsored by the Senior Class include Honors Night, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. The Senior Class also is responsible for selecting a legendary gift and fundraising to purchase this gift. The Senior Class sponsor also works closely with the counseling department in disseminating information to Senior students.

    Sponsor: Shelby Redding (shelby.redding@bpsne.net)


    Sophomore Senate

    Sponsor: Susan Jones (susan.jones@bpsne.net)


    Student Council

    Sponsor: Rachel Schutte (rachel.schutte@bpsne.net) and Emily Vidlak (emily.vidlak@bpsne.net