• Academic Groups

    Academic Decathlon

    The purpose of the United States Academic Decathlon is to promote learning and academic excellence through academic competitions. Bellevue East has an Academic Decathlon class that trains our school's competition team. The class is a social studies class taught by PK Simmons, who also teaches American government, philosophy, and economics. Teams consist of students from the 9th through 12th grades. Each team has an even number of honor (A students), scholastic (B students), and varsity students (C students).

    Academic Decathlon covers material in a wide range of subject areas, including art, economics, language and literature, mathematics, music, science, super quiz, interview (state level only), essay (state level only), and speech (state level only).

    Each year is a new experience. Every year the curriculum changes to keep the competition fresh and interesting. It is possible to take Academic Decathlon more than one time. If you are looking for an academic challenge, this class will provide one for you.

    There are several competitions during the year. The first two are scrimmages in the fall semester. Every student in the class can compete in these scrimmages if they want to, regardless of their GPA.  Students win medals in each subject and in the three GPA levels: honors, scholastic, and varsity. The team needs students from all academic backgrounds. Academic Decathlon is not just for the students with the highest GPAs.

    The major regional competition is in January. Only those students on the Academic Decathlon Team can compete at Regionals. If they do well, the team goes to State. Competitions are challenging, but fun. Students who prepare for Academic Decathlon will learn incredible amounts of new information, more than in any other high school class. Students can also earn a letter in Academic Decathlon.

    Sponsor: PK Simmons (p.simmons@bpsne.net)


    Culinary Arts Club

    Culinary Arts club is a co-curricular club for students that are in a culinary class. Members participate in competitions and in outside class events. 

    Sponsor: Lori Huffman (lori.huffman@bpsne.net)



    Sponsor: Dawn Danauskas (dawn.danauskas@bpsne.net)



    Sponsor: Paul Hamilton (paul.hamilton@bpsne.net)



    Forensics is an activity/class that focuses on effective communication skills, and allows students to become better speakers, writers, and thinkers. We cover a wide variety of speaking styles, from extemporaneous political speech to poetry interpretation. Forensics is also a competitive activity that requires participation outside of the classroom.

    Sponsor: John Campbell (john.campbell1@bpsne.net)


    Future Teachers of America

    Sponsor: Carol Hill (carol.hill@bpsne.net)


    Math Club

    Sponsor: Thomas Messier (thomas.messier@bpsne.net)


    National Honor Society

    Sponsors: Cynthia Watts (cynthia.watts@bpsne.net) and Molly Koehler (molly.wolfekoehler@bpsne.net)



    Sponsor: Stephenie Conley (stephenie.conley@bpsne.net)


    Science Club

    The Science Club integrates different disciplines of science into activities for students who enjoy science. Students who are contemplating majoring in chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, earth science or engineering will have an opportunity to meet people in some of these professions.

    Sponsors: Connor Mazzei (connor.mazzei@bpsne.net) and Rachel Carraher (rachel.carraher@bpsne.net)


    Skills USA

    SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. SkillsUSA's mission is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens.

    Sponsor: Stephen Johnston (stephen.johnston@bpsne.net)



    Sponsor: Stephenie Conley (stephenie.conley@bpsne.net)