Mission has two 7th grade teams and two 8th grade teams.  The teams are:

    7th Team Intrepid

    Mrs. Laughlin--History

    Mrs. Mallett-Smith--English/Reading

    Mr. Jangula--Science

    Mrs. Juarez--Math

    Mr. Pelzer--Specialist

    7th Team Synergy

    Mrs. Schoonover--History

    Mrs. Skoff--Reading

    Mrs. Blasey--English

    Mr. Daughtrey--Science

    Mr. DeLaet--Math

    Ms. Logan--Specialist

    8th Team Avengers

    Mr. Walls--History

    Mrs. Smurr--Reading/English

    Ms. Norris--Science

    Mrs. Daughtrey--Math

    Ms. Adams--Specialist

    8th Team Thunder

    Mr. Myers--History

    Mrs. Nolte--English/Reading

    Ms. Kjerstad--Science

    Mrs. Lindhorst--Math

    Mrs. Damewood--Specialist