• Service Groups

    Builders Club

    This club is part of Kiwanis. It is a service and leadership organization. Students participate in one community service project per quarter.

    Garden Club

    This club meets after school in the fall and spring seasons. Students care for the plants and mulch the ground to prevent weeds. The focus is on developing a habitat for various animals and insects native to the area. The garden is listed as a Monarch Butterfly Waystation.

    National Junior Honor Society

    The middle school chapters of the National Junior Honor Society are open to students who meet specified criteria. Students must have a 4.50 GPA before being considered for membership. Members are then chosen on the basis of citizenship, service to community/school, leadership, and character. A faculty committee will select members from students who apply and meet the criteria. ​Invitations will be extended to qualified students during second semester.

    Student Council

    The Student Council is the representative government of the student body. Each grade level elects representatives to the council in the fall. Representatives voice the desires and concerns students may have and functions as a liaison between students and staff. Serving on the Student Council is a privilege and also a great responsibility. Students are encouraged to nominate responsible classmates and to think carefully about the candidates before casting their vote.