• Academic Groups

    Book Brawl

    Book Brawl is a competition testing how well students can remember details from books. Regular meetings are held to discuss the books students are reading and to do a variety of activities to helpstudents prepare for the competitions. There is an annual competition in May over the YA Golden Sowernominees where Logan students compete against students from Mission and Lewis and Clark. Students compete in teams of three to five and are given time to discuss answers with their teammates.

    Book Club

    Book Club meets once a week before school to give students an opportunity to talk to other students about books. Students will discuss books they have read in the past and read new books together as a group.

    Strategic Games Club

    We play games that exercise your brain and make you think critically while having a fun time. This group is meant for people who enjoy games that challenge their minds!

    Math Club

    Critical thinking and computational skills will be promoted throughout the year. Members will participate in one competition per semester.

    Robotics Club

    Meetings are twice a week before school in the fall semester. Students will explore VEXRobotics by building a variety of robots and performing various tasks. Students will work in teams and compete with other Logan Robotics Club teams. This club is open to all students.

    Robotics Teams

    The Logan Fontenelle Robotics Teams are composed of experienced and dedicated students in 7th and 8th grade. Robotics Teams will compete in the VEX IQ Challenge for the 20-21 School year. Team is limited to 15 members and will be meeting before school and Saturdays during the fall and into winter. Competition season starts in late November and continues until early February. Students selected to the team go through an interview process and commit to regular attendance, especially for competitions.