• History

    On November 7, 1966, the Board of Education accepted the administrative recommendation to name the new elementary school, the third to be located on federal property in the Capehart Housing Area, LeMay Elementary School.

    General Curtis E. LeMay had a distinguished career in both war and peace. His post World War II career brought him to the Bellevue/Offutt Community as commander of the Strategic Air Command, an organization he built into a powerful force that fulfilled the motto "Peace Is Our Profession." The school is named for Gen. Curtis E. LeMay, Known as the "Father of SAC."

    LeMay recognized the importance of morale in the Air Force, and initiated several changes to improve the quality of life of service personnel. Dormitories were built for airmen and he worked with the community to raise funds to furnish the dormitories with needed amenities. In 1953, sports car enthusiast LeMay started the first of a series of annual sports car races on Offutt runways. During LeMay's tour at Offutt, many needed buildings and facilities were built, including a new chapel, service clubs, a swimming pool, a base exchange, a new hospital, new hangers, new runways, and many other buildings which are still in use today.

    When LeMay left Offutt in July 1957, he became Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. In July 1961, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force and later became a nominee for Vice President of the United States.