• History

    Bellevue’s newest elementary school, Bellevue Elementary School, opened on August 12, 2009. The school, located in Lakewood Villages, serves students in grades K-6. The Bellevue Board of Education approved the new school’s name and Hawks as the mascot at its November 2008 meeting.

    Bellevue Elementary School was approved for construction in 2007. The school highlights the history of Nebraska’s first city, Bellevue, and includes a display on the history of the community and school district.

    This is the second Bellevue Elementary School. The first school opened in 1869 and was located on the Mission Reserve, land given to the city by the Omaha Tribe. The first Bellevue Elementary received many additions and eventually was named Mission Middle School. The original Bellevue Elementary was demolished in 1988.

    The Red Tailed Hawk is a common bird to this area. Part of the role of the Spirit of the Red Tailed Hawk, according to Wolf Moon, is that of Guardian of the Earth Mother. These birds possess an astute awareness of the concept of the interconnectedness of all things. These are the souls that are involved in making the world a better place, whether locally or globally.

    The boundaries for Bellevue Elementary School include Bellevue students living in Lakewood Villages and students living south of Capehart Road and west of 36th Street (Falcon Forest, Fox Ridge Estates, Heartland Hills, Clearwater Falls).