• History

    Fairview Elementary School is located on Fairview Road, which crosses most of Sarpy County and goes through Fairview Township. There was a time when a town, a school, and a church were named Fairview. The Fairview Cemetery still exists.

    One of the earliest settlers was Reverend C. Chaucer Goss, a Methodist minister who came to Bellevue and wanted to create a community southeast of Old Bellevue close to the Platte River. He had land surveyed and platted and began to sell lots in his town called Fairview.

    In 1857, Goss wrote a history of Bellevue, Larimer (now LaPlatte), and St. Mary (Peter Sarpy's town in Iowa from which he ran ferry boats to Bellevue). In 1859, this history was published. He added a section on Fairview, Nebraska, which he placed on a map in his small book. Acting on hope, he drew the railroad line through Fairview on its way to the Pacific Ocean. His prediction did not come true, and the trains went west of Omaha, and soon Fairview became one of the many ghost towns or "still birth" towns.

    Goss' dream did not come true. But the name he selected remains, and Fairview Elementary school adds to the history of Fairview in the Bellevue/Offutt Community.