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Mission Middle School Staff Directory

Adams, Julie julie.adams@bpsne.net Special Education  
Barry, Jeffrey jeffrey.barry@bpsne.net Industrial Arts  
Beranek, Joanna joanna.beranek@bpsne.net Reading  
Blasey, Michelle michelle.blasey@bpsne.net Reading   

Bridge, Cynthia

cynthia.bridge@bpsne.net Librarian View My Classroom Web Site   
Cascio-Jensen, Robyn robyn.cascio-jensen@bpsne.net Physical Education  
Clark, Amy amy.clark@bpsne.net Counselor  
Daughtrey, Steven steven.daughtrey@bpsne.net Physical Science  
DeLaet, Ian ian.delaet@bpsne.net Math  
Eskra, Jeanne jeanne.eskra@bpsne.net Reading  
Huebner, Robert robert.huebner@bpsne.net Vocal Music  
Jangula, Jeffrey jeffrey.jangula@bpsne.net Biological Science   
Jeffrey, Mark mark.jeffrey@bpsne.net Psychologist  
Juarez, Sarah sarah.juarez@bpsne.net Math View My Classroom Website
Kjerstad, Melody melody.kjerstad@bpsne.net Physical Science/L.Arts  
Langenfeld, Mary mary.langenfeld@bpsne.net Special Education  
Laughlin, Patricia patricia.laughlin@bpsne.net Social Studies View My Classroom Website
Linder, Kris kris.linder@bpsne.net Math View My Classroom Website
Lindhorst, Nicole nicole.lindhorst@bpsne.net Math/L.Arts


Logan, Jadenlynn jadenlynn.logan@bpsne.net Special Education  
Miller, Stephanie stephanie.miller@bpsne.net

Foreign Language

Moore, Matt matthew.moore@bpsne.net Asst. Principal


Mulroy, Roberta roberta.mulroy@bpsne.net Speech/Language Therapist  
Myers, Brent brent.myers@bpsne.net Social Studies/L.Arts  
Nolte, Suzanne suzanne.nolte@bpsne.net Reading/L.Arts  
Norris, Elizabeth elizabeth.norris@bpsne.net Physical Science & Reading  
Pelzer, Stephen stephen.pelzer@bpsne.net Special Education  
Pentico, Jason jason.pentico@bpsne.net Instrumental Music  
Peppers, Marybeth marybeth.peppers@bpsne.net Special Education  
Powell, Jenny jenny.powell@bpsne.net Principal  
Rhylander, Carli carli.rhylander@bpsne.net Counselor  
Skoff, Melinda melinda.skoff@bpsne.net Reading  
Sorensen, Terry terry.sorensen@bpsne.net Living  
Stukenholtz, Gina gina.stukenholtz@bpsne.net HAL  
Supenski, Gogi gogi.supenski@bpsne.net  Inst. Coach  
Tanton, Calvin calvin.tanton@bpsne.net Physical Education  
Tomaso, Lindsey    lindsey.tomaso@bpsne.net Art  
Walls, Larry larry.walls@bpsne.net Social Studies/Reading  
Watzke, Melissa melissa.watzke@bpsne.net Instrumental Music  
Wills, Daniele daniele.wills@bpsne.net English  


These e-mail addresses are for use by staff, students, and parents relating to school business only. Solicitation is prohibited.

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