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Lewis and Clark Middle School Staff Directory


Name Email Position Classroom Website
Andersen, Jana jana.andersen@bpsne.net Science, English (Surveyors)  
Bartlett, Shelby shelby.bartlett@bpsne.net Nurse  
Beeson, Elizabeth elizabeth.beeson@bpsne.net Vocal Music  
Benson, Charles charles.benson@bpsne.net Science (Explorers)  
Bogatz, Lynn lynn.bogatz@bpsne.net History (Navigators)  
Carlson, Jeanette jeanette.carlson@bpsne.net District Instructional Technology Specialist  
Clapper, Theresa theresa.clapper@bpsne.net Special Education (Navigators)  
Derickson, Robyn robyn.derickson@bpsne.net Living  
Dunlap, Linda linda.dunlap@bpsne.net Reading (Explorers)  
Ediger, Dawn dawn.ediger@bpsne.net District HAL Teacher  
Feickert, Taylor taylor.feickert@bpsne.net Art  
Feldmann, Ann ann.feldmann@bpsne.net District Instructional Technology Specialist  
Geiken, Sarah sarah.geiken@bpsne.net History, English (Surveyors)  
Grafelman, Vicky vicky.grafelman@bpsne.net Reading (Navigators)  
Graumann, April april.graumann@bpsne.net Physical Education  
Gress, Cynthia cynthia.gress@bpsne.net Special Education (Surveyors)  
Hagemann, Stacy stacy.hagemann@bpsne.net  World Language  
Hike, Joanna joanna.hike@bpsne.net Reading, History (Travelers)  
Hladky, Julie julie.hladky@bpsne.net Science (Voyagers)  
Hoglund, Chelsea chelsea.hoglund@bpsne.net District Instructional Technology Specialist  
Hunninghake, Patrick patrick.hunninghake@bpsne.net Instrumental Music  
Kastl, Michelle michelle.kastl@bpsne.net Reading (Voyagers)  
Kawula, Brandi brandi.kawula@bpsne.net Instrumental Music  
Klone, Bethany bethany.klone@bpsne.net District HAL Teacher  
Klug, Kayla kayla.klug@bpsne.net Counselor (8th Grade)  
Koehler, Molly molly.wolfekoehler@bpsne.net District HAL Teacher  
Kouba, Ashley ashley.kouba@bpsne.net Speech/Language Therapist  
Kuhn, Kristin kristin.kuhn@bpsne.net Special Education (Explorers)  
Lambert, Elizabeth elizabeth.lambert@bpsne.net Building Instructional Coach  
Larson, Kati kay.larson@bpsne.net English, History (Travelers)  
Lemley, Kalli kalli.lemley@bpsne.net District HAL Teacher (Middle School)  
Masek, Mark mark.masek@bpsne.net English (Navigators)  
Mercer, Gary gary.mercer@bpsne.net History (Voyagers) View My Classroom Website
Mlnarik, Sarah sarah.mlnarik@bpsne.net Media Specialist  
Nelson, Janice janice.nelson@bpsne.net History (Explorers)  
Nieves, Michelle michelle.nieves@bpsne.net Reading, English (Surveyors)  
Nolte, Cyle cyle.nolte@bpsne.net Science (Navigators)  
Obermier, Mary mary.obermier@bpsne.net English (Voyagers)  
Owen, Charles charles.owen@bpsne.net Math, English (Surveyors)  
Pickle, Judy judy.pickle@bpsne.net District Technology Specialist  
Prochaska, Keaton keaton.prochaska@bpsne.net Physical Education  
Ragone, Deb deborah.ragone@bpsne.net English (Explorers)  
Rohlfs, Amy amy.rohlfs@bpsne.net Counselor (7th Grade)  
Ruppert, Michelle michelle.ruppert@bpsne.net School Psychologist  
Sanderson, Jason jason.sanderson@bpsne.net Special Education (Travelers)  
Smith, Michael michael.smith@bpsne.net Principal  
Steinke, Laura laura.steinke@bpsne.net District HAL Teacher  
Stukenholtz, Gina gina.stukenholtz@bpsne.net Math (Voyagers)  
Taubenberger, Allison allison.taubenberger@bpsne.net Math (Explorers)  
Toelle, Darin darin.toelle@bpsne.net Science, History (Travelers) View My Classroom Website
Vargas, Shannon shannon.vargas@bpsne.net Math, History (Travelers)  
Waller, Jason jason.waller@bpsne.net Math (Navigators)  
Walz, Ryan ryan.walz@bpsne.net Tech  
Welte, Amy amy.welte@bpsne.net Special Education (Voyagers)  
Wienk, Erin erin.wienk@bpsne.net Assistant Principal  

These e-mail addresses are for use by staff, students, and parents relating to school business only. Solicitation is prohibited.

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