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Bellevue East High School Staff Directory


Name Email Position
Aken, Ronda ronda.aken@bpsne.net Industrial Technology
Albert, Allan allan.albert@bpsne.net Social Studies
Anderson, Blake blake.anderson@bpsne.net Special Education
Atrash, Kate


Bacon, Nathaniel nathaniel.bacon@bpsne.net Assistant Principal
Bartholow, Bruce bruce.bartholow@bpsne.net Science
Bartman, Susan susan.bartman@bpsne.net Special Education
Beman, Elizabeth elizabeth.beman@bpsne.net Foreign Language
Bender, Ashley ashley.bender@bpsne.net Foreign Language
Birnbaum, Sara sara.birnbaum@bpsne.net Science
Booe, Holly holly.booe@bpsne.net Special Education
Bossman, David david.bossman@bpsne.net English
Boyd, Nora nora.boyd@bpsne.net Foreign Language
Brown, Kala kala.brown@bpsne.net Nurse
Burns, Nicole nicole.burns@bpsne.net Science
Campbell, John john.campbell1@bpsne.net Communicative Arts
Campbell, Patty patty.campbell@bpsne.net Career Center
Capel, Laura laura.capel@bpsne.net English
Carda, Jennifer jennifer.carda@bpsne.net Physical Education
Carraher, Rachel rachel.carraher@bpsne.net Science
Catholos, Jonna jonna.catholos@bpsne.net Special Education
Chudomelka, Michael michael.chudomelka@bpsne.net Counselor
Clemenger, Corina corina.clemenger@bpsne.net Social Studies
Conley, Stephenie stephenie.conley@bpsne.net Communicative Arts
Coombs, Julie julie.coombs@bpsne.net Math
Crossley, Kent kent.crossley@bpsne.net Special Education
Danauskas, Dawn dawn.danauskas@bpsne.net Business
Dilley, Laura
Donner,Karin karin.donner@bpsne.net Science
Dunkel, Shannon shannon.dunkel@bpsne.net Librarian
England, Heather heather.england@bpsne.net Special Education
Eoff, Jody jody.eoff@bpsne.net Special Education
Fahrlander Rae rae.fahrlander@bpsne.net Foreign Language
Finan, Patrick patrick.finan@bpsne.net JROTC
Fjell, Sara sara.fjell@bpsne.net Social Studies
Frankman, Nate nathan.frankman@bpsne.net Math
Geho, Jerry jerry.geho@bpsne.net English
Goldax, Melissa melissa.goldax@bpsne.net English
Hamik, Joe joseph.hamik@bpsne.net Theatre
Hamilton, Paul paul.hamilton@bpsne.net Business
Haynes, Kristy kristy.haynes@bpsne.net Social Studies
Higgs, Tobin tobin.higgs@bpsne.net Physical Education
Hill, Carol carol.hill@bpsne.net Family & Consumer Sciences
Hill, Kory kory.hill@bpsne.net Special Education
Hindman, Nate nathanael.hindman@bpsne.net Social Studies
Hoffmann, Austin austin.hoffmann@bpsne.net Music
Hoglund, Julia julia.hoglund@bpsne.net Special Education
Holbrook, Tina tina.holbrook@bpsne.net Math
Holtmeyer, Lisa lisa.holtmeyer@bpsne.net Registrar
Holtz, Chad chad.holtz@bpsne.net Assistant Principal/Activities Director
Holland, Becky rebecca.holland@bpsne.net Social Studies
Huffman, Lori lori.huffman@bpsne.net Foods & Nutrition
Ickes, William william.ickes@bpsne.net JROTC
Jensen, Susan susan.jensen@bpsne.net Assistant Principal
Johnson, Leland leland.johnson@bpsne.net Science
Johnston, Stephen stephen.johnston@bpsne.net Industrial Arts
Jones, Susan susan.jones@bpsne.net Social Worker
Jordan, Breeamber breeamber.jordan@bpsne.net Special Education
Koehler, Molly molly.wolfekoehler@bpsne.net HAL
Krug, Jeremy jeremy.krug@bpsne.net Music
Lenear, Trevor trevor.lenear@bpsne.net Special Education
Lenz, Jeremy jeremy.lenz@bpsne.net Math
Liebenguth, Kathleen kathleen.liebenguth@bpsne.net English
Liess, Nathan nathan.liess@bpsne.net Physical Education
Logan, Makenzie makenzie.logan@bpsne.net Speech/Language Therapist
Lovell, Jerry jerry.lovell@bpsne.net Science
Mandelko, Kelly kelly.schmidt@bpsne.net Social Studies
Mason, Robert robert.mason@bpsne.net Science
Mazzei, Connor connor.mazzei@bpsne.net Science
McCarty, Michele michele.mccarty@bpsne.net Special Education
Messier, Thomas thomas.messier@bpsne.net Math
Mink, Collin collin.mink@bpsne.net Dean of Students
Montoya, Tyler tyler.montoya@bpsne.net Spanish
Musil, Angelica angelica.musil@bpsne.net Foreign Language
Mustard, Chad chad.mustard@bpsne.net Math
Nelson, Brenda brenda.nelson@bpsne.net English
Nelson, Rick richard.nelson@bpsne.net Athletic Trainer
Onken, Casie casie.onken@bpsne.net Counselor
Palo, Carla carla.palo@bpsne.net English
Pierce, Lynnae lynnae.pierce@bpsne.net ISEC
Pithan, Sara sara.pithan@bpsne.net ISEC
Porras, Piper piper.porras@bpsne.net Foreign Language
Porter, Todd todd.porter@bpsne.net Social Studies
Powell, Sara sara.powell@bpsne.net Counselor
Pribyl, Colleen colleen.pribyl@bpsne.net Counselor
Quinn, Arlen arlen.quinn@bpsne.net Industrial Technology
Raabe, Lance lance.raabe@bpsne.net Social Studies
Rabick, Rebecca rebecca.rabick@bpsne.net English
Rausch, Kimberly kimberly.rausch@bpsne.net Psychologist
Reece, Emily emily.reece@bpsne.net Art
Reed, Samantha samantha.reed@bpsne.net Physical Education
Rosenthal, Charles charles.rosenthal@bpsne.net Science
Sailors, Valorie valorie.sailors@bpsne.net Math
Schiefelbein, Josh joshua.schiefelbein@bpsne.net Personal Finance
Schultz, Cindy cynthia.schultz@bpsne.net Science
Schultz, Taylor taylor.schultz@bpsne.net Spanish
Schutte, Rachel rachel.schutte@bpsne.net Special Education
Seigel, John john.seigel@bpsne.net Dean of Students
Sidzyik, Chris christopher.sidzyik@bpsne.net  Physical Education
Sidzyik, Rebekah rebekah.sidzyik@bpsne.net Social Studies
Simmons, P K p.simmons@bpsne.net Social Studies
Simons-Bester, Marjorie marjorie.simons-bester@bpsne.net Vocal Music
Sivils, Nancy nancy.sivils@bpsne.net ELL Teacher
Sonntag, Kristina kristina.sonntag@bpsne.net English
Steele, Nate nathaniel.steele@bpsne.net English
Steiner, Jana jana.steiner@bpsne.net Speech/Language Therapist
Swoboda, Trish trish.swoboda@bpsne.net Art
Tackett, Michael michael.tackett@bpsne.net Math
Trowbridge, Mary mary.trowbridge@bpsne.net Dean of Students
Wagner, Jeff jeffrey.wagner@bpsne.net Principal
Wallace, David david.wallace@bpsne.net Social Studies
Watts, Cindy cynthia.watts@bpsne.net Math
Wiles, Francis francis.wiles@bpsne.net Math
Wilson, Whitney whitney.wilson@bpsne.net English
Wonder, Nadia nadia.missak@bpsne.net Math
Wright, Chuck charles.wright@bpsne.net Band
Ziegler, Karen karen.ziegler@bpsne.net Math

These e-mail addresses are for use by staff, students, and parents relating to school business only. Solicitation is prohibited.

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