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Letters of Recommendation

Guidelines for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Recommendations are generally needed for employment, scholarship consideration, honors program, or admission into college.  As a senior, your will be asking your teachers, employers, counselors, or administrators for a letter of recommendation.  Even if they know you well, you will want the recommendation to have a personal touch, so you will need to give them more detailed information about yourself.



When requesting a letter of recommendation, be sure to:

  • Fill out a Student Information Sheet and the ½ sheet Purpose of Recommendation form as completely as possible; all sections may not apply.  You can either print neatly on these paper forms or type up your forms from below.  Download the forms then you can type up and print out.  Be sure to save those in your own disk space.
  • Politely ask someone who knows you well to write the recommendation and make sure that they can write a positive one.
  • PLAN AHEAD to meet your timeline.
  1. Allow the teacher at least 10 school days for the completion of the letter.
  2. Make a personal contact with the writer.
  3. Remind the writer about the recommendation 3 days before it is due.  Getting a recommendation turned in on time is your responsibility.
  • Give the teacher a copy of your Purpose of Recommendation form, Student Information Sheet and/or a copy of your resume if you have one.  (Visit the career center if you need help developing or updating a resume.)

Student Information Sheet

Purpose of Recommendation Request



  • Write a short “thank you” note to the writer who has supported you in this way.  Remember, they are doing you a favor.
  • Make a copy of your Student Information Sheet or save the file to disk so you don’t have to redo it if you need another recommendation at a later date.

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