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This two semester course covers sole proprietorship accounting principles involved in the preparation and maintenance of financial records concerned with business management and operations.  It is a comprehensive introduction to basic accounting including recording, summarizing and reporting, principles of income measurement and asset valuation, and accounting systems and controls.  Students are exposed to careers in the accounting field and are given the opportunity to perform accounting applications using the computer.

Advanced Accounting

This two semester course that includes partnership and corporate accounting, adjustment in inventory control systems, budgetary control systems and further enhancement of accounting skills.

Business Communications

Students will reinforce communication skills needed in business, management and administrative occupations by composing and reading written and digital communications, developing and delivering formal and informal presentations, applying active listening skills to obtain and clarify information, and exhibiting interpersonal skills to deal positively with diverse individuals.

Business Law

A course designed to present the study of the legal rights and responsibilities necessary to be informed and productive citizens.  Key concepts include contracts and torts, the role of courts, litigation and constitutional issues including civil and criminal law.

Career Development

Students learn and apply the career and college planning process using the Nebraska Career Education Model and related resources.  Students will identify personal interests, skills and values, then apply this knowledge to both academic and career decision making.

Career Development Internship

Provides school credit for work experiences under actual job conditions.  One credit per semester will be given for being employed a minimum of 180 hours per semester.  Students will earn the prevailing wage.

Digital Media

Students will create, design, and produce digital media including sound, video, graphics, text, and animation.  Emphasis will be placed on effective use of tools for interactive multimedia production including storyboarding, visual development, project management and web processes.


Entrepreneurship is a course designed for students with a career interest in entrepreneurship.  Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.  Instructional strategies may include the development of a business plan, operation of school-based business, or actual creation of a student-run business.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism provides the student with an understanding of one of the largest industries in the world.  specific applications include the evolution of the industry, food and beverage, lodging, international and domestic travel, business operations, and hospitality and tourism career exploration.

Information Technology Applications I

Students will explore emerging technologies as it applies to their success for high school, college, and career.  The focus will be on the importance of digital citizenship, professional presentations, and intermediate spreadsheet and database applications used personally and professionally

Information Technology Applications II

This course will focus on skill development in advanced spreadsheet, database, integration of applications utilizing advanced features, and exploring web technologies.  Skills, standards, and coursework align with industry certifications. 

Introduction to Business, Marketing, and Management

This course is designed as an introductory overview of the Business, Marketing and Management Career Field.  Units of study include economic systems, forms of business ownership, management, marketing, and accounting.  Career opportunities will also be explored

Management and Leadership

This course emphasizes the basic concept of management and leadership within the business organization.  It addresses characteristics, organization, and operation of business as major sectors of the economy.  Students will investigate management issues involved in planning, organizing, leading and controlling an organization.  They will also acquire essential skills in the areas of emotional intelligence; time management, stress management professional growth and development, communication, and relationship skills.

Management and Leadership Internship

School credit is given for actual part-time work experience in a business environment.  One credit per semester will be given for being employed a minimum of 180 hours per semester. Students will earn the prevailing wage.

Marketing (Co-curricular/DECA)

Students will explore basic functions of marketing, the marketing mix, economics, communication, interpersonal skills, professional career development, management, entrepreneurship, channel management, marketing information management, market planning, pricing, and product/service management.  The curriculum utilizes communication, team building, technology and problem-solving skills while applying academic and critical-thinking strategies.

Advanced Marketing (Co-curricular/DECA)

The course will emphasize entrepreneurial development and responsive marketing strategies that meet customer needs.  The course focuses on marketing concepts and the role of marketing in the organization and society.  Capstone activities include development of a marketing or business plan.

Marketing Internship

Provides school credit for work experiences under actual job conditions.  One credit per semester will be given for being employed a minimum of 180 hours per semester.  Students will earn the prevailing wage.

Personal Finance

The goal of personal finance is to help students become financially responsible, conscientious members of society.  This course develops student understanding and skills in money management; budgeting; financial goal attainment; use of credit; insurance; investments; and consumer rights and responsibilities.  Application of academic concepts, technology, and career planning are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Sports Marketing

Students will learn how marketing functions are applied to the sports and entertainment industries.  Basic functions will include marketing, promotion, pricing, sales and advertising

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