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Logan Fontenelle Middle School Staff Directory


Name Email Position
Anderson, Sarah sarah.anderson@bpsne.net Speech teacher
Ballinger, Lorissa lorissa.ballinger@bpsne.net Team Sky World History
Byers, Erin erin.byers@bpsne.net Spanish/Intro to World Language
Carley, Erica erica.carley@bpsne.net Living
Carlson, Deborah deborah.carlson@bpsne.net Special Education
Casart, Christopher christopher.casart@bpsne.net Instrumental Music
Comcowich, Jill jill.comcowich@bpsne.net Team Sky English
Crenshaw, Brandy brandy.crenshaw@bpsne.net Art
Daniels, Christine christine.daniels@bpsne.net Sequoia Math
Dobson, Allison allison.dobson@bpsne.net Team Sky Reading
Dworak,Allison allison.dworak@bpsne.net Physical Education
Fenster, Emily emily.fenster@bpsne.net 8th Grade Counselor
Fox, Patricia patricia.fox@bpsne.net Vocal Music
Hansen, Melissa melissa.hansen@bpsne.net 7th Grade Counselor
Hennagir, Kathleen kathleen.hennagir@bpsne.net Special Education
Hensel, Laurie laurie.hensel@bpsne.net Wicoti  Math
Imhoff, Debra debra.imhoff@bpsne.net Nurse
Jaeger, Roger roger.jaeger@bpsne.net Ponca Life Science 
Jameson, Dann dann.jameson@bpsne.net Physical Education
Jordan, Breeamber breeamber.jordan@bpsne.net Special Education
Latta, David             david.latta@bpsne.net     Vocal Music
Lavalleur, Robert robert.lavalleur@bpsne.net Tech 
Loomis, Phillip phillip.loomis@bpsne.net Ponca English
Matras, Danielle danielle.matras@bpsne.net Wicoti Reading
McKinley, Deirdre deirdre.mckinley@bpsne.net Assistant Principal, 7th Grade Discipline
Moore, Susan susan.moore@bpsne.net Special Education
Newton, Virginia virginia.newton@bpsne.net Social Studies
Ozaki, Margaret margaret.ozaki@bpsne.net Speech
Parra, Ernest ernest.parra@bpsne.net Earth Science
Randall, Kaylene kaylene.randall@bpsne.net Hearing Impaired
Reckin, John john.reckin@bpsne.net English,  Reading
Ruppert, Michelle michelle.ruppert@bpsne.net Psychologist
Schaefer, Douglas douglas.schaefer@bpsne.net Principal
Schmulbach, Douglas douglas.schmulbach@bpsne.net Team Sky Life Science
Schneider, Michelle michelle.schneider@bpsne.net Vision Impaired
Schubert, Lindsey lindsey.schubert@bpsne.net Hearing Impaired
Schuttler, Christopher christopher.schuttler@bpsne.net Instrumental Music
Severin, Kathleen kathleen.severin@bpsne.net Special Education
Siefering, Lori lori.siefering@bpsne.net Special Education
Silvis, Nancy nancy.silvis@bpsne.net ELL Teacher
Smith, Rebecca rebecca.smith@bpsne.net Ponca Math
Stephens, Shauna shauna.stephens@bpsne.net Ponca World History
Trent, Kerry kerry.trent@bpsne.net Vision Impaired
Truax, Kami kami.truax@bpsne.net Special Education
Vanhessche, Tracy     tracy.vanhessche@bpsne.net Librarian
Van Holland, Jason jason.vanholland@bpsne.net Wicoti U.S. History
Waggoner, Brian brian.waggoner@bpsne.net Team Sky Math
Wallar, Amanda amanda.wallar@bpsne.net Sequoia Reading
Walters, Santha     santha.walters@bpsne.net Sequoia English
Wulf, Crystal crystal.wulf@bpsne.net Ponca English
Zimmer, Scott scott.zimmer@bpsne.net Sequoia Earth  Science

These e-mail addresses are for use by staff, students, and parents relating to school business only. Solicitation is prohibited.

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