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Central Elementary Staff Directory


Position Name Email
Principal Amber Dembowski amber.dembowski@bpsne.net
Secretary Mary Azbell mary.azbell@bpsne.net
Early Childhood Lesley Sprague lesley.sprague@bpsne.net
Kindergarten Kari Binder kari.binder@bpsne.net
First Grade Ashley French ashley.coogan@bpsne.net
Second Grade Melissa Ridgeway melissa.ridgeway@bpsne.net
Third Grade    
Fourth Grade Chelsea Svoboda chelsea.svoboda@bpsne.net
Fifth Grade Courtney Smeby courtney.smeby@bpsne.net
Sixth Grade Mary Reding mary.reding@bpsne.net
Reading Deanna Deegan deanna.deegan@bpsne.net
Special Education Kayla Dunlap kayla.dunlap@bpsne.net
Speech/Language Therapist    
Instructional Coach Katie Fiala katie.fiala@bpsne.net
Librarian Meagan Cinfel meagan.cinfel@bpsne.net
Physical Education    
Vocal Music Chuck Serfass charles.serfass@bpsne.net
Art Julie Daigle julie.daigle@bpsne.net
Instrumental Music Melissa Watzke melissa.watzke@bpsne.net
Nurse Abby Reese abbylyn.reese@bpsne.net
English Language Learners Megan Steil megan.steil@bpsne.net
High Ability Learners Bethany Klone bethany.klone@bpsne.net
Guidance Counselor Dianne Jelden dianne.jelden@bpsne.net
Lead Custodian Cathie Perry catharine.perry@bpsne.net
Kitchen Manager    
Daycare Site Director Maria Carter alma.carter@bpsne.net
Occupational Therapist Kylee Rempee kylee.rempee@bpsne.net
Physical Therapist Malinda Childers malinda.childers@bpsne.net
Hearing Impaired Lindsey Schubert lindsey.schubert@bpsne.net

These e-mail addresses are for use by staff, students, and parents relating to school business only. Solicitation is prohibited.

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